The only GOAL

Whatever you see or hear, there must be something exciting and new!”
To Betty, who is practically illiterate in Japanese, this comic book is the beginning of an exciting experiment.

這一篇 放在貝蒂貓的英國夢裡
Betty files this article in the category of “Further studies in the UK” in order to encourage herself.  
設定好了IELTS 7分的目標 The only GOAL
Betty has already set a goal of earning an overall score of 7 on IELTS. This is the only and the ultimate goal.
Betty dare to tell anyone: “Yes, she wants it and she must do it.”

漫畫裡 提供了Betty許多刺激
Under the stimulus of this comic series, Betty has been inspired.
To sharpen Betty’s English ability and get an overall score of 7,
Betty is going to practice keeping diaries and trying to use 10 new words in every article.
Betty aims to think in English spontaneously, memorize vocabulary promptly,and express herself accurately in daily life.
Betty welcomes any comments and suggestions.

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Dear Betty:<br />
<br />
I hope you will reach your goal in the near future,and I <br />
believe your dream will come true.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Miss all the friends in Taiwan,especially you!!<br />